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Arts Access Fund

Rose Avenue students applying lessons on perspective and colour theory in their Imagined Landscape paintings.

Photo: Arts Access Fund

Students at Jesse Ketchum Junior and Senior school learning to draw from observation.

Photo: Arts Access Fund

Rose Avenue student practising colour mixing for an underwater landscape painting.

Photo: Arts Access Fund

Self portraits drawing and painting from students of grades one to four.

Photo: Arts Access Fund

Opening Children’s Minds, Hearts and Eyes to Artistic Opportunities

Power Corporation is proud to support the Arts Access Fund (AAF), an organization that provides high quality arts training to children and teens with limited financial resources, allowing them to pursue artistic excellence under the guidance of professional artists. It is the AAF’s belief that art, in all its forms, not only cultivates children’s imaginations – making them more flexible and inventive thinkers – but also helps develop their physical, emotional, and mental capabilities. 

The AAF works with 17 art partner organizations across the City of Toronto, offering youth a variety of programs in visual art, drama, music, dance, and filmmaking. It has also launched an outreach program that sends highly qualified and inspiring art teachers to two high-needs inner city schools for students in grades 1 to 3 and grades 4 to 6. 

Across all its programming, the results have been positive, with the children learning not only about art making, but more importantly about life skills such as focus, persistence, hard work and collaboration. There is strong evidence to support that artistic and educational experiences produce significant impacts on a child’s academic and social development. Power Corporation believes in the AAF’s mission to promote and develop the artistic talents of those children who do not necessarily have the means to pursue them, playing an important role in cultivating the next generation of citizens and leaders. 



students reached since the AAF's creation in 2008


art teachers and professional artists contribute to AAF programming


See the video from Arts Access Fund.