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Artch 2021 – Brunch and workshop by Nana Quinn.

Photo: Mike Patten

Artch 2021 – Young and old alike enjoy the moment.

Photo: Mike Patten

The works of emerging artists are exhibited in downtown Montréal.

Photo: Artch

Artch offers great visibility to emerging artists presenting their artworks to the public.

Photo: Artch

Showcasing emerging Québec artists in contemporary art

Artch is an initiative whose mission is to identify, train and promote emerging contemporary art artists while creating connections between the business field, the general public, and the visual arts communities. A public showcase for contemporary art, the organization seeks to make this less familiar type of art more accessible, and to stimulate the emergence of new talents.

Artch offers a three-week training in artistic entrepreneurship to up-and-coming artists, providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to increase their visibility and that of their work among professionals in the field. At the end of the training, an eight-day outdoor exhibition in Dorchester Square, located in the heart of downtown Montréal, throws a spotlight on their artwork through temporary installations that combine design, urbanism and architecture.  

In the past few years, renewed excitement about contemporary art has been felt in Montréal, which has long been known internationally for its cultural vitality. Artch is proud to be supported by partners such as Power Corporation in its mission of creating a springboard for budding talent in contemporary art.



major exhibitions in the past 4 years


artists accompanied, trained and exhibited (representing 1,000 candidatures received in 4 years)


jobs created for young people under 35 years old in 4 years


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