Our Approach to Philanthropy

Responsible management lies at the heart of our business. It is this mindset that enables us to build a resilient and sustainable business, through our role as an investor, employer and contributor to the communities where we are present.

Investing in our communities reflects the core values that have shaped and continue to guide us in making a positive contribution to society and the environment. Our support is helping to build strong and dynamic communities, and to create living and working environments that are supportive and sustainable.

Our approach to community investment consists of the contributions we make to numerous organizations through corporate donations and investments, and through our support of employee volunteering initiatives.

We make these community investments because we believe in the ability of the voluntary sector, working in partnership with governments and businesses, to build a better society with better opportunities for all Canadians.

We are business entrepreneurs and we value the vibrant entrepreneurship that permeates the voluntary sector. We are particularly drawn to smaller initiatives that provide a broad social benefit because of their entrepreneurial, innovative approach. These “social” entrepreneurs are dedicated and professional, greatly deserving of our support.

As part of our commitment to philanthropy, we encourage and support our officers and employees who volunteer their time to causes of their choice. As a society, we benefit greatly from the dedicated commitment of the voluntary sector to communities across the country.

Through our donations and investments, Power Corporation has contributed to more than 1,400 organizations over the last 10 years among five broad categories – community development, arts and culture, the environment, education and health.

Employee Volunteering Initiatives

Our officers and employees are also very active in both charitable giving and volunteering. In fact, many of our officers and employees also sit on the boards of these non-profit organizations. We encourage them to get involved by committing time to support the community programs of their choice. When requested, we aim to match donations and provide grants to the charitable organizations where they volunteer.


A Caring Company

Power Corporation has been a supporter of the Imagine program in Canada since 1988.

This national program promotes corporate and public giving, volunteering, and support in the community, and calls for corporations to contribute a target of 1% of pre-tax domestic profit to charitable causes.

The Corporation has consistently exceeded its minimum donation guideline and has been designated a “Caring Company” by Imagine Canada.

These initiatives at the Power Corporation level are greatly augmented by the distinct policies and programs of our subsidiaries Great-West Lifeco and IGM Financial. Canada Life, IG Wealth Management and Mackenzie Investments are also long-standing members of Imagine Canada’s “Caring Company” program.

Focus of Support — 2020