Our approach

Responsible management is a core principle at Power Corporation, one that allows us to generate long-term, sustainable value for our company, our employees, our shareholders, and society at large.

This principle extends to all of our stakeholders and all of our activities, including our corporate social responsibility and philanthropy. Since our beginnings, as a family-controlled company, we have invested actively and participated energetically in the communities where we are established. We believe in the importance of generosity. Our charitable contributions and volunteerism express our strongly held values of respect, responsibility, integrity, hard work and courage.

Our Vision for Philanthropy

At Power Corporation, we believe in the creation of vibrant, caring, and sustainable communities. Indeed, for businesses to prosper, strong communities are an imperative. We believe in ensuring that our communities are equipped with first rate institutions, including in health, education, arts and culture, alongside responsible, environmentally sustainable practices. We believe in the power of the voluntary sector and social entrepreneurs, working in partnership with governments and businesses, to build a better, more inclusive society with improved opportunities for all Canadians.

Our Mission in Philanthropy

Power Corporation’s overarching objective in our charitable giving, quite simply, is to help make Canada better. We are passionate about Canada, its history and geography, its art, its bilingual, diverse culture, its democratic traditions, and its social cohesion. We strive to help improve the health and well-being of Canadians in the broadest sense.

We see it as our responsibility to make a meaningful difference in the cities and regions where we are present through corporate donations and community engagement, as well as through our employee volunteering initiatives. As a company founded and headquartered in Montreal, we have a particular focus on Montreal and more broadly across Quebec. As a national and international company, we also support organizations and initiatives that have a wider impact across Canada.

Our Charitable Giving Pillars

In our giving, we support projects and initiatives that are innovative, inclusive, and advance the well-being of our communities. As business entrepreneurs, we value and believe in social entrepreneurship that brings fresh perspectives to help address pressing health, educational, and environmental needs, and opportunities in arts and culture. We pay particular attention to projects that promise leveraged, broad societal impact. We back a wide range of initiatives because we view the many facets of our society holistically, where each needs to be strong to support the greater good. Among the initiatives we fund are projects for the advancement of women and gender equality, diversity and inclusion, reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and support for the vulnerable.

Power Corporation provides support to charitable organizations within five key pillars:

Visual and performing arts are a vital part of our social fabric, providing a valuable source of creativity, inspiration, and enrichment in people’s lives. We invest in a broad range of arts, cultural and heritage organizations.

We invest in initiatives that build community capacity and promote community well-being, including support to Indigenous communities, visible minorities, newcomers and at-risk youth.

We support educational programs, research initiatives and bursaries that provide students with the right technical, entrepreneurial and life skills to achieve personal fulfillment, economic independence and compete in a complex and specialized world. We also focus on initiatives that promote literacy and encourage young people to remain in school and complete their education.

We invest in programs that promote conservation, the preservation and protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, and initiatives that help address climate change and environmental sustainability.

We support a broad range of health organizations, with particular emphasis on institutions that advance medical research, provide quality healthcare, and promote education in disease prevention. We also focus on health infrastructure renewal. 

By the numbers


community organizations supported by Power Corporation across Canada


in charitable contributions from our group of companies


of Power Corporation employees got involved with a cause of their choice

Power Corporation has been a supporter of the Imagine program in Canada since 1988.

This national program promotes corporate and public giving, volunteering, and support in the community, and calls for corporations to contribute a target of 1% of pre-tax domestic profit to charitable causes.

The Corporation has consistently exceeded its minimum donation guideline and has been designated a “Caring Company” by Imagine Canada.

These initiatives at the Power Corporation level are greatly augmented by the distinct policies and programs of our subsidiaries Great-West Lifeco and IGM Financial. Great-West Life, London Life, Canada Life, IG Wealth Management and Mackenzie Investments are also long-standing members of Imagine Canada’s “Caring Company” program.

Power Corporation’s commitment to the arts