Appalachian Corridor

Appalachian Corridor protects natural areas in the Appalachian region of Southern Québec.

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Together, let’s protect the future.

Photo: Appalachian Corridor

Appalachian Corridor biologists monitor species at risk like bats.

Photo: Appalachian Corridor

Appalachian Corridor’s territory is a very suitable habitat for Wide-Ranging Mammals like Mooses. These species need large forest blocks to roam and complete their life cycle.

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A Unique Hands-Across-the-Border Approach to Land Conservation

Launched in 2002, Appalachian Corridor is a conservation organization that works with local communities to maintain and restore a way of life that respects the ecology of the Appalachians of southern Québec from a perspective of sustainable development. Through the implementation of a transborder conservation strategy, Appalachian Corridor has already contributed to protect 14,500 hectares (35,600 acres) of private land contained on over a hundred private properties.

To increase protected acreage in core conservation areas, buffer zones, natural corridors and biodiversity hotspots, The Appalachian Corridor can count on its partnership with Nature Conservancy Canada, local conservation groups on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border, and on the involvement of landowners. It uses a number of conservation tools, such as full or partial land donation, conservation servitudes or a nature reserve status to ensure the protection of these natural areas through legal agreements.

“By working with so many local, like-minded organizations on both sides of the border, Appalachian Corridor is having a definite impact on a large swath of ecosystems in the region without regard to human-imposed borders,” said Paul Desmarais, Jr., Chairman of Power Corporation.

Appalachian Corridor provides a unique model of land conservation offering landowners a number of effective ways to preserve their properties.
Paul Desmarais, Jr.
Power Corporation of Canada



hectares (35,600 acres) of natural areas in private land protected in perpetuity


local Affiliates throughout the territory of action


protected areas on private land


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