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  • Cutting-edge research work led by Jacques de Guise, a leader in the field of biomedical engineering, enables both high-level athletes and patients to benefit from the latest innovations, thus facilitating rehabilitation.

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  • By 2030, ÉTS aims to have 30% of women engineers graduated from its school.

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  • ÉTS is ideally located in the heart of Montréal’s Innovation Quarter.

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  • Lan ETS is a student club organizing the biggest Lan Party of North America’s east coast. Each year, more than 2,000 gamers compete in several tournaments for their chance to win over $40,000 in prizes.

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ÉTS trains 25% of all Québec engineers and ranks 2nd in Canada for the number of undergraduate degrees granted in engineering

Placement rate for graduates is closed to 100%

+70% of research activities are done in partnership with Industry

100% of courses are done in conjunction with a practical experience

4,000 paid internships are completed in 1,000 companies each year

Excellence in Engineering in the Heart of Montréal

Founded in 1974, the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) was opened in response to the pressing need in industry for professionals with applied engineering training. Since then, the school has operated with one mission: to deliver university education and conduct leading-edge research in applied engineering and technology, with a view to the technological and economic advancement of the province.

To support these activities, the school receives financial assistance through the ÉTS Development Fund. The fund enables the school to maintain its standards of excellence with the financial and material contribution from a large network of donors who are committed to support the next generation of engineers and participate in Montréal and Québec’s long-term economic development.

Engineering for Industry

For over 40 years ÉTS has been meeting the needs of the industrial sector for engineers, ensuring they have a theoretical background, as well as practical knowledge that can only be gained from hands-on experience.

The school has developed a unique partnership with Québec’s small, medium and large-sized businesses throughout the province. The valuable insight garnered from these relationships has allowed ÉTS to curate and design programs that give students the chance to acquire the practical expertise recognized by companies and that they will need to succeed throughout their careers.

The benefits of these partnerships are undeniable. ÉTS students and faculty make impressive contributions to scientific progress and to the continued development of the province’s productivity and competitiveness. Every year, ÉTS works with more than 1,200 companies, which offer work-terms to ÉTS students and entrust the school’s professors with mandates for industrial application development. More than 60% of research activities originate directly in industry or through projects carried out jointly with companies.

A Catalyst for Innovation

With this commitment to closely collaborating with its industrial partners, ÉTS is well positioned to help drive innovation and research. By providing companies with expertise, equipment and leading-edge research infrastructures, it plays an active role in powering innovative technologies on projects of all sizes.

With a focus on eight research and training priority areas, including aerospace, energy, the environment, healthcare, and communications technologies, ÉTS is well equipped to address new and significant developments in these growing fields. Every year, more than 200 companies trust ÉTS with mandates involving the development of innovative industrial applications and technology transfer. ÉTS as well offers companies the opportunity to lease space at the INGO Innovation Centre, located on the ÉTS campus and where they can benefit from all of the research facilities and expertise of ÉTS professors and researchers in developing their technological innovations.

Entrepreneurship: At the Heart of ÉTS' Mission

In 1996, the École de technologie supérieure founded CENTECH, its incubator of technology startups. Since then, more than 500 start-up companies have benefited from support services and the material and financial resources needed to start viable businesses. CENTECH, which was expanded in 2018, welcomes 90 to 120 companies per year as part of its various programs (Acceleration, Propulsion, Collision).

As Québec continues to position itself internationally as a primary innovation ecosystem, ÉTS will play an increasingly important role in our local economy and on the international stage, helping provide industry with well trained professionals and leading-edge research.

“The ÉTS subscribes to the Engineers Canada objective that aims to increase the representation of women within the engineering profession to 30% by 2030,” points out Suzanne Bélanger, Director of the school’s Development Fund and Alumni Relations Department. “Propelled by Power Corporation, the ‘Femmes de Génie’ initiative will provide support for outstanding female engineering students during their studies.”

The École de technologie supérieure subscribes to the Engineers Canada objective that aims to increase the representation of women within the engineering profession to 30% by 2030.
Suzanne Bélanger
Director of the school’s Development Fund and
Alumni Relations Department
École de technologie supérieure


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