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The Art Canada Institute’s digital library of books on artists in Canada is available online at

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The Art Canada Institute resources are used by educators across the country―as one teacher has noted, the guides are “expertly laid out and easy to follow.”

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The Art Canada Institute teacher resources for elementary and secondary schools are available in French and English.

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The Art Canada Institute also provides activities for students to use in online learning.

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A selection of the print books published by the Art Canada Institute.

Photo: Art Canada Institute

A Unique Educational Resource on Canadian Art and its History

The Art Canada Institute (ACI) provides the public with an online, open-access, bilingual library and a wide range of resources on the artists who have shaped Canada’s cultural landscape. By functioning as an online art museum, a digital library, and an interactive Canadian art encyclopedia, the ACI is an indispensable resource on Canada’s visual heritage.

Every book commissioned by the ACI is an original work written by one of the nation’s leading art experts and is available for free in both English and French for reading online or for downloading in PDF. The ACI now also offers some of its titles in print versions, to give the Canadian public unprecedented access to the images, documents and stories that define the visual culture of our country.

Power Corporation is proud to be a sponsor of the ACI’s Canadian Schools Art Education Program, which equips teachers with resource guides on artists as well as student learning activities designed as online, multimedia educational experiences. Through this program, Canadian art takes on a whole new dimension: it becomes an instructional tool for exploring many contemporary issues and topics which can lead to a better understanding of our own society, and the world at large. 

The Art Canada Institute's mission is to make Canadian art history accessible to twenty-first century audiences.
Sara Angel
Founder, Executive Director & Publisher
Art Canada Institute

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