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True Patriot Love

The Expedition Team of the 2014 True Patriot Love Expedition reached the Magnetic North Pole on April 30.

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Participants from Guitars for Vets, a True Patriot Love funded program, perform at the 2019 Tribute Gala. The program uses music to help Veterans and military members manage the effects of a post-traumatic stress injury and other service-related injuries.

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True Patriot Love’s Capt. Nichola Goddard Leadership Series in Toronto, a panelist-led event, where servicewomen and Veteran women share how their experiences in the military have shaped them into the leaders they are today.

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Mr. Shaun Francis, Chair of True Patriot Love Foundation, with Mr. Paul Desmarais, Jr. and Mr. Paul Desmarais III, at the Tribute Gala on November 4th, 2015.

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The 2019 True Patriot Love all-women’s expedition team completes their 100km trek across the Arctic Circle in Baffin Island on April 14.

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Mr. Paul Desmarais, Jr. was awarded the first True Patriot Love Patriot Award for Outstanding Philanthropic Support of Canada’s Military Families, at the Tribute Gala on November 4th, 2015.

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During its Annual Educational Trip to Vimy Ridge and other sites in Northern France, True Patriot Love pays respect to Canadian fallen soldiers.

Photo: True Patriot Love

Supporting the Military and Veteran Community

Founded in 2009, True Patriot Love Foundation has become Canada’s leading organization supporting military members, Veterans and their families. The foundation raises awareness around the challenges related to military service and funds programs that deliver significant impact in the areas of mental and physical health, rehabilitation and recovery from injury, supporting the children and spouses of those who serve, and promoting re-integration into communities.

Challenging expeditions raise funds

Since 2012, True Patriot Love has produced challenging fundraising expeditions around the world engaging Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans and civilians. The expeditions pay tribute to serving members, Veterans and their families, generates awareness about the challenges of military service and raises funds, allowing the foundation to provide critical resources for programs across Canada. 

Paul Desmarais, Jr., Chairman of Power, and Paul Desmarais III, Senior Vice-President of Power, took part in True Patriot Love’s expedition in 2014 during which 12 ill and injured military members and 24 Canadian business leaders trekked and skied to the Magnetic North Pole

Most Canadians are far removed from the everyday realities of military life, including the impact of operational stress injuries like post-traumatic stress disorder on families. We have an obligation to do what we can to support those who have been physically and mentally injured.
Shaun Francis
Founder and Chair



military personnel are medically released each year with approximately 700 spouses and 900 children also impacted

$30 million

in funding committed by TPL since its inception, which has helped change the lives of more than 33,000 military members, Veterans and families


See the video from True Patriot Love Foundation on YouTube.