• Volunteers and staff of the YWCA Montreal raised $242,500 at the 23rd Women of Distinction Awards, for women and girls who benefit from the services offered by the YWCA. Photo: YWCA Montreal
  • Laureates of the 23rd Women of Distinction Awards, held on September, 27 2016, in recognition for the positive and lasting change they brought to society in their respected fields.  Photo: YWCA Montreal
  • Teg Gadais raised more than $2,000 for the Foundation Youth Services by biking solo across Canada.  Photo: YWCA Montreal
  • Energetic and proud participants of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge.  Photo: YWCA Montreal


Since its inception, the YWCA Montreal has helped 350,000 women and girls find a new path in life

In 2015, more than 2,500 women were reached by the YWCA Montreal

Over the years, 256 laureates have received the Women of Distinction Awards

The 2016 edition of the Women of Distinction Awards event raised more than $240,000 for the YWCA Montreal


The Montreal Women’s Y Foundation

Community Development

Helping Build Better Lives for Women and Girls

The YWCA Montreal, one of the oldest community organizations in the city, was founded in 1875 with a mission “to build a better future for women and girls”, specifically to provide services to young women new to the city, helping them find accommodation and employment and generally attending to their welfare.

Employability, secure housing, community services, and youth are now, and will continue to be, the four pillars of YWCA Montreal’s action and the foundation of its expertise. In housing services for example, the vast majority of women arriving at one of the YWCA’s facilities lack stable housing; nearly three out of four of them also exhibit mental health problems and one in four is escaping from family or domestic violence. The work of the YWCA Montreal, which is part of a vast network of groups working in concert to build a better life for women and girls, is supported by hundreds of volunteers.

Assuming the Task of Fundraising for the YWCA

The Montreal Women’s Y Foundation was created in 1995 to provide financial support for program development and services offered by the YWCA Montreal.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation regroups leading businesswomen representing a cross section of the Montréal community. They use their personal networks to help mobilize the wider business community to support the YWCA and the Foundation’s fundraising efforts.

The Montreal Women’s Y Foundation organizes several events to recognize and award women for their leadership, including the Women of Distinction Awards and the Generation W’s Soirée Inspirationnelle.

Since 1994, the Women of Distinction Awards recognize the role of women in the advancement of society by shining a light on women who, through their achievements in their respective fields, have brought positive and lasting changes to society, and by raising funds for the YWCA Montreal. These inspiring women are recognized in 11 categories, including the Outstanding Achievement Award. This year, for the first time, two more awards have been added, the YWCA Montreal Coup de Coeur award and the Inspirational Man award.

The Youth Advisory Committee, Generation W, is dedicated to support financially the YWCA Montreal. On June 22, 2016, it held its very first event benefitting the Montreal Women’s Y Foundation. During this event, five young women were recognized and awarded for their leadership, professional success and personal commitment to the community.

“The Montreal Women’s Y Foundation highlights women, from diverse spheres of activity who are making a positive and sustainable difference in our society,” says Sacha Haque, Assistant General Counsel and Assistant Secretary of Power Corporation. “The Women of Distinction Awards shine light on these tremendous role models.”

“Thanks to successful partnerships like the one with Power Corporation, the Montreal Women’s Y Foundation helps build a better future for more than 3,500 women and girls annually,” said Sophie Fortin, chair of the board of directors for the Montreal Women’s Y Foundation.

Organizations making a difference

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