The Lighthouse Children and Families

La Maison André Gratton is a haven where seriously ill children find comfort.

Photo: The Lighthouse, Children and Families

At the Lighthouse, art, music and play flow thorough the building, brightening the days of the children staying there.

Photo: Mikael Theimer

Every moment at the Lighthouse is a celebration of life.

Photo: Mikael Theimer

Volunteers entertain and divert the children, but also help the treatment team for non-medical care.

Photo: Mikael Theimer

Every day, children at the Lighthouse can escape the medical setting, even if just for a few moments, and take part in fun, creative activities.

Photo: The Lighthouse, Children and Families

At Maison André Gratton, our specialized medical team provides children with the complex care that they require.

Photo: Mikael Theimer

Helping Sick Children enjoy Life… Right Until the End

Operating the first pediatric palliative care home in Québec, the Lighthouse, Children and Families offers personalized care and services for children with terminal illnesses and their families. Whether in terms of respite stays, symptom management and end-of-life care for children, or grief counselling for parents, brothers and sisters, the team at the Lighthouse delivers the care and services needed by families facing the loss of a child.

With more than 15 years’ worth of experience in developing best practices in community-based pediatric palliative care, the Lighthouse team provides a wide range of activities and educational resources for parents, volunteers, healthcare students and professionals, as well as collaborates in various research projects. 

“Through their steadfast support since its inception, Power Corporation and its subsidiaries, Investors Group (now IG Wealth Management), Great-West Life, Canada Life and London Life (now collectively Canada Life), as well as members of the Desmarais family, have counted among the pillars of the Lighthouse, Children and Families” says Lyne Martin, Executive Director.

The Lighthouse provides support and solace to families experiencing extremely difficult times. It is thanks to the work and vision of countless volunteers that such a vital service is made available to families in Québec.
Paul Desmarais, Jr.
Power Corporation of Canada



families supported across Québec


employees, 6 doctors and 70 volunteers


new admissions in 2020-2021


stays in occupied rooms in 2020-2021


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