Fondation Marie-Ève Saulnier

  • The 2017 edition of the “Fourchettes et Tendresse” dinner raised $310,000, a record for the Foundation.

    Photo : Fondation Marie-Ève Saulnier

  • Over 600 guests raised their glasses for a toast in memory of Marie-Ève Saulnier, who passed in 1997.

    Photo : Fondation Marie-Ève Saulnier

  • Touching testimony from Nadège, a mother whose daughter is suffering from leukemia.

    Photo : Fondation Marie-Ève Saulnier

  • In order to escape from isolation, free social gatherings are organized occasionally, allowing parents to exchange among themselves while children enjoy the moment with Marie Eykel.

    Photo: Fondation Marie-Ève Saulnier


Over 600 guests, including 50 artists and athletes, attended the 2017 edition of the "Fourchettes et Tendresse" dinner, raising $310,000

Over 500 families used the services provided by the Fondation since its inception, inclugin 75 of them in 2017

On a monthly basis, 40 families are supported receiving an average of $200, representing a total of $90,000 for 2017

The Fondation has distributed over $1,000,000 since its inception



A Little Girl with Cancer Leaves a Big Legacy of Compassion

Families beset with the incredible challenges of dealing with childhood cancer are confronted with many stark realities. Months-long treatments take priority over the needs of other family members. The psychological toll and the constant fear and anxiety frequently result in one parent abandoning employment to become a full-time caregiver. Essentially, everyday life collapses under the weight of the child’s illness.

Linda Langlois-Saulnier knew such circumstances all too well when she created La Fondation Marie-Ève Saulnier in 1997 in memory of her daughter Marie-Ève who died the previous year from leukemia. The Foundation is committed to assisting families with a child suffering from cancer that are also experiencing financial difficulties.

The Foundation’s assistance is provided during the child’s treatment which can typically span up to two years. Priority is given to low-income families. Every month, these families receive cards to pay for groceries, gas and even parking charges.

Supporting Families

The Foundation realizes that once the treatments are over, life does not immediately go back to normal. Therefore, it also offers temporary financial assistance to offset the medical aftercare costs. Families are given guidance in finding resources that will help them. Free social gatherings are held to help families escape the isolation that dealing with serious illness can often create.

The Foundation’s annual fundraising event, the “Fourchettes et Tendresse” dinner, provides the majority of the funds that are distributed to the families in need throughout the year. The 2017 edition of the event, which gathered over 600 guests, including about 50 artists and athletes, raised a total of $310,000.

“Linda Langlois-Saulnier transformed the pain and incredible loss she endured almost 20 years ago into a force for good and a ray of hope for families facing the daunting challenge of childhood cancer,” says Stéphane Lemay, Vice-President, General Counsel and Secretary of Power Corporation, and Co-Chair of the 2016 and 2017 editions of the “Fourchettes et Tendresse”. “Power Corporation is drawn to supporting charitable organizations such as La Fondation Marie-Ève Saulnier because of the direct benefit they deliver these families.”

The Foundation’s symbol is a dolphin, an animal loved by little Marie-Ève who had hoped to swim with them one day. While Marie-Ève is gone, her dream lives on through the Fondation and its compassionate work.

“Creating a foundation like ours requires strength, courage, energy and a great deal of time,” says Linda Langlois-Saulnier, Executive Director of the Foundation. “But most of all, it requires a driving force, a goal, a reason, which was, of course, Marie-Ève. Through the Foundation, I follow the path she has traced. At the turn of the 20th anniversary of La Fondation Marie-Ève Saulnier, Power Corporation’s involvement is invaluable for the development of a small foundation like ours.”

Power Corporation is drawn to supporting charitable organizations such as La Fondation Marie-Ève Saulnier because of the direct benefit they deliver to the families facing the daunting challenge of childhood cancer.
Stéphane Lemay
Vice-President, General Counsel
and Secretary
Power Corporation


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