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  • The new hospital complex is designed to be a smart, modern, unique institution operating on a human scale.

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  • Claude Meunier has been the Fondation du CHUM volunteer spokesperson since June 2016. Why? His answer is simple: for the patients.

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  • The CHUM Research Center (CRCHUM) is one of North America’s largest hospital integrated research centres.

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  • The Académie CHUM Learning Centre offers education, training and professional development programs to its teams with innovative learning methods focused, among other things, on simulation including with a mannequin able to replicate a human vital signs

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More than 500,000 patients are welcomed every year and are cared for by more than 10,000 devoted professionals

The new CHUM will include 772 individual rooms, 415 exam rooms and 1 integrated cancer centre

An Internationally Recognized Institution for Medical Treatment, Teaching and Research

In October of 1996, Montréal’s Hotel-Dieu, Notre-Dame and Saint-Luc hospitals were combined to create a unified teaching hospital centre, the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM). A university hospital affiliated with the Université de Montréal, the CHUM’s mission is to provide healthcare services, conduct research, teach and promote health, as well as to assess healthcare technologies and services. The CHUM is Québec’s largest university hospital at a single site and one of the biggest teaching hospitals in North America.

The location of the CHUM is at the juncture of many historic touchstones for the city in a high-density area that has a blend of residential, commercial, institutional and recreational buildings. Serving Greater Montréal and the entire province of Québec, this state-of-the-art hospital welcomes some 500,000 patients every year providing the very best specialized and ultraspecialized care. The CHUM is improving health among the adult and aging populations it serves thanks to its unique areas of expertise and innovations.

A vital partner of the CHUM

With the support of its foundation, a healthcare institution can expand its local, national and international reputation and influence, and accelerate its technological developments.

The Fondation du CHUM, which officially began its activities on May 1, 1998, serves as a catalyst and a driving force in carrying out the CHUM’s mission, with its numerous initiatives, fundraising activities (direct mailings, canvassing of individual donors, private foundations and corporations) and its capital fundraising campaign. It organizes benefit events whose reputation is now established. The Fondation also engages in complementary initiatives (which include the Clinique Santé-voyage) that have allowed it to achieve self-sustainability.

“The CHUM is a vital institution in the city of Montréal and holds special meaning for all of Québec,” says Paul Genest, SeniorVice-President of Power Corporation. “Its history, chapter by chapter, was written as the history of both the province and the country unfolded. Today it remains a shining example of medical excellence and life-changing research.”

“The business community’s commitment, including that of Power Corporation, enables the CHUM to give the best in health care to the population,” says Julie Chaurette, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Fondation du CHUM. “Power’s support contributes to the continued improvement of the medical care, research, teaching and innovation, for the benefit of the patients.".

The business community’s commitment, including that of Power Corporation, enables the CHUM to give the best in health care to the population.
Julie Chaurette
President and Chief Executive Officer
Fondation du CHUM


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