Yukon University

Yukon University Ayamdigut Campus is one of 13 campuses located throughout the Yukon, providing access to post-secondary education.

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Colesen Ford, 2021 Valedictorian, carries the Ceremonial Antler for the 2021 graduation ceremony.

Photo: YukonU

YukonU students participate in experiential learning in the Bachelor of Business Administration Quest.

Photo: YukonU

Students enjoy good time with canine friends at a Doggie De-Stress event.

Photo: YukonU

Institute of Indigenous Self-Determination

Power Corporation proudly supports the development of the Institute of Indigenous Self-Determination (IISD) at Yukon University (YukonU). This new institute – whose mission is to improve education outcomes for First Nations students – is a partnership between the university and Yukon First Nations. 

Committed to recognizing and respecting the unique history and cultures of Yukon First Nations, the two partners are well positioned to collaborate on the development and delivery of culturally relevant mentorship programs designed to build capacity in First Nations communities and promote self-determination. The IISD will not only prioritize the reclamation of Indigenous ways of knowing and being into their programs and research, but it will also focus on celebrating the many successes in self-government already underway by building capacity for those governments. 

“These mentorship programs will help fulfill the vision of the university’s inspired collaboration with the 14 Yukon First Nations. We see a very bright future for the university and the peoples of Yukon in the years to come, with YukonU playing a vital role in developing homegrown talent and a next generation of leaders.”

Power Corporation is delighted to support the development of new mentorship programs for the future Institute of Indigenous Self-Determination.
Paul C. Genest
Senior Vice-President
Power Corporation of Canada



campuses located throughout the Yukon


of credit students are Indigenous


students graduated with a degree in 2020


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