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Press conference on January 31, 2024 on the partnership between Concordia and Power Corporation to fund Volt Age, an interuniversity clean energy and decarbonization research program.

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Concordia’s large scale solar simulator enables accurate and repeatable testing of solar emissions with fully simulated sun and indoor plus outdoor conditions.

Photo: Concordia University – Green Tech Fund

PLAN/NET ZERØ's pilot project will explore ways to measure energy efficiency and achieve net zero emissions at the Guy-De Maisonneuve Building.

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Volt-Age is dedicated to integrating cutting-edge technologies for carbon-neutral buildings, advanced energy storage, smart grids, and the electrification of transportation.

Photo: Concordia University – Green Tech Fund

A Partnership to Build Decarbonized and Resilient Communities

The importance of green technology in preserving our environment and building a sustainable future is reinforced daily. Concordia University recently launched Volt-Age, a world-leading research program dedicated to integrating cutting-edge technologies for carbon-neutral buildings, advanced energy storage and smart grids, as well as the electrification of transportation in municipalities and communities across Canada. This visionary initiative will position Concordia as an international leader in green-tech innovation.

To achieve this goal and attract students passionate about the environment, the university will rely on a network of over 140 researchers and prestigious research chairs. Additionally, the University can count on the Power Corporation of Canada Green Technology Innovation Fund (the “Fund”), developed in partnership with Power Corporation, to implement green-tech solutions in communities. This approach is founded on strong partnerships and collaboration on technological and social innovation, with a central focus on electrification. Embracing electrification as a central pillar of this approach will enhance efforts against climate change, hastening and optimizing the transition to decarbonized, resilient communities.

The Fund’s purpose is to expedite the path to commercializing green research and implementing green technology in communities throughout Canada, while providing a unique experiential ecosystem that fosters and nurtures talent. This initiative aligns with Power Corporation’s commitment to environmental responsibility, with the ultimate aim of generating a positive impact on the lives of Canadians.

Graham Carr, President and Vice-Chancellor, Concordia University said “We believe that, together, Power Corporation and Concordia are demonstrating a meaningful commitment to the overarching of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals, namely Goal 17, Partnerships for the Goals in relation to solving one of the biggest challenges of our time.”



researchers and prestigious research chairs support the University’s sustainable goals


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