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Blue Metropolis

Reni Eddo-Lodge is the 2019 recipient of the "Words to Change" Prize for her non-fiction book "Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race".

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"À auteur d’enfant", a multigenerational event that inspires hope. Children of all backgrounds imagine a better world, which is then illustrated by talented artists in front of a group of fascinated young people.

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Renowned authors at book-signing event (Annie Proulx and Bruce Pascoe).

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"Power up your potential", an intergenerational project that encourages bilingualism, stimulates the desire for community engagement and promotes the role of seniors in our society

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Noranda School participants in the 2020 Québec Roots project, which gives young people from Quebec's English-speaking communities and First Nations a voice to express, through photos and texts, their dreams, memories and concerns, and ultimately, to deliver a powerful portrait of their community

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Bringing together fans of reading and writing

One of the largest multilingual literary festivals in North America, the Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival was founded in 1997 with the mission to bring together people from different languages and cultures to share the pleasures of reading and writing, two activities that promote greater creativity and better intercultural understanding. Blue Metropolis takes place annually in Montréal, and attracts writers from Québec, Canada and numerous countries around the world during several days.

Blue Metropolis also holds a festival for children which features activities such as story performances specially designed for young readers, as well as meetings and workshops with children’s authors. The Blue Metropolis Foundation organizes educational and social programs for youth to help them discover—or rediscover—the joy of reading and writing. These activities encourage them to stay in school, stimulate their creativity, and develop their social skills. As for the Reading to Heal and to Spread Your Wings initiative, it reaches out to hospitalized children or children in special needs scool.

The Foundation recognizes that reading and writing go beyond entertainment; they are powerful therapeutic tools that can be used to meet a variety of mental health and wellness challenges. It therefore offers several related initiatives and is planning to set up a series of online meetings with authors and experts whose novels or research cover the topics of anxiety, depression, homophobia and/or bullying. Power Corporation is proud to be a partner of Blue Metropolis, an event which provides pleasure to people of all ages—one book at a time.



students from 926 educational institutions have taken part in the Festival since 1997


authors participated in the 2021 Festival, 170 of which originated from backgrounds of diversity


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