• La Maison André Gratton is a haven where seriously ill children find comfort. Photo: Gordon Campey
  • At the Lighthouse, art, music and play flow thorough the building, brightening the days of the children staying there. Photo: Vanessa Cyr
  • Music is such as great communication tool, particularly for children who are unable to speak. Photo: Ladislas Kadyszewski
  • Volunteers entertain and divert the children, but also help the treatment team for non-medical care. Photo: Ladislas Kadyszewski
  • Every day, children at the Lighthouse can escape the medical setting, even if just for a few moments, and take part in fun, creative activities. Photo: Ladislas Kadyszewski
  • At Maison André Gratton, our specialized medical team provides children with the complex care that they require. Photo: Ladislas Kadyszewski


The Lighthouse Children and Families was created in 1999

Maison André-Gratton was opened in 2007

There are 12 rooms and suites at Maison André-Gratton

The occupancy rate at Maison André-Gratton is 85%

The Lighthouse Children and Families


Providing Care and Comfort to Families

The Lighthouse Children and Families is dedicated to providing support to families of children whose lives are threatened by illness that require complex treatment.

In-home respite services are provided by volunteers to allow parents to take care of their household responsibilities and to spend time with other family members.

A unique care centre in Québec

The Lighthouse also operates the Maison André-Gratton which can accommodate children for various periods up to 30 days per year. It is staffed by physicians, nurses, care specialists and volunteers who work to ensure the patients’ comfort in a family-oriented, stimulating and accommodating setting.

As the only palliative pediatric care facility in Québec, the Maison also provides end-of-life care and different types of support services to the children and their families all free of charge.

The Lighthouse Children and Families was founded by Michèle Viau-Chagnon in 1999. Nicole Marcil-Gratton promptly joined her, helped develop the organization and played an important role in the design, construction and financing of the Maison André-Gratton. The Government of Québec and the business community continue to provide vital funding for the Maison’s operations.

Opened in 2007, the Maison André-Gratton was named in memory of a young boy who died of leukemia in 1954 at the age of three. He was the brother of Robert Gratton, now Vice-Chairman Emeritus of Power Corporation.

Mr. Paul Desmarais, Jr., Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Power Corporation, chaired the first fundraising campaign for the construction of the Maison André-Gratton. “The Lighthouse provides support and solace to families experiencing extremely difficult times,” says Mr. Desmarais. “It is thanks to the work and vision of countless volunteers that such a vital service is made available to families in Québec.”

Since its inception, the Lighthouse has benefitted from significant support from Power Corporation and its subsidiaries, Investors Group, Great-West Life, Canada Life and London Life, and also from the Desmarais family. Marcel Martin of Great-West Life and Isabelle Cantin from Investors Group are members of the Lighthouse’s Board of Directors. “The Lighthouse helps children and families who face tremendous challenges, including severe and in some cases terminal illnesses,” says Isabelle Cantin. “Its staff and volunteers are true beacons of hope and comfort to these families at very critical times in their lives.”

Organizations making a difference

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