• RCMP officers have supported the Foundation of Stars for more than 30 years.  Photo: Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Each year, the RCMP organizes a Spaghetti Luncheon for the benefit of the Foundation.  Photo: Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Students at Collège Laval support researchers by facing the RCMP’s challenge: the Ultimate Police Training.  Photo: Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Chantal Lacroix, co-host of the Défi SOS Santé - Moi pour Toi ! a friendly race from Montréal to Québec, which raised funds for research into childhood diseases.  Photo: Gérard Bouillon
  • Chantal Lacroix, Jimmy Sévigny and some participants at the 2015 Défi SOS Santé - Moi pour Toi! Photo: Pixocreation


The first Telethon of Stars was held in 1977 and broadcast throughout Québec

The fundraising goal for 2015-2016 is $3 million

More than 25,000 donors support the Foundation of Stars

The Foundation has raised $70 million since 1977

Foundation of Stars


Constant Quest for Breakthroughs in Pediatric Medical Research

For 38 years the Québec-based Foundation of Stars has been a driving force behind funding research for cures and treatments for childhood illnesses. The first Telethon of Stars was held in 1977 and broadcast throughout Québec in both English and French. Over the years, the Foundation has used a variety of means to raise funds and has worked closely with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The fundraising goal for the 2015-2016 campaign is $3 million.

The Foundation focuses its support on a number of research projects, including in the fields of Pediatric Glioblastoma, Autism and Fabry disease. Before 1980, for example, the majority of children with brain cancer died; today the majority live as research breakthroughs are routinely achieved, including those made possible by the Foundation.

Contributing to the Health and Welfare of Children

Bernice Lowe, one of 40,000 individuals who donate regularly to the Foundation, is featured in a current fundraising drive. She notes in a letter that she’s been donating to the cause since 1983 as her son suffered from epilepsy.

A generation later, her granddaughter was only three weeks old when she was diagnosed with a tumour, a large, fast-growing teratoma, which was removed during an eight-hour surgery; seven more operations followed. From the dire diagnosis that she might never walk, sit up, see or hear, the three-and-a-half-year-old today walks with braces and happily chatters away. “Every donation in support of our researchers is crucial,” writes Mrs. Lowe.

“The Foundation has made great contributions to the health and welfare of children for more than three decades,” says Pierre Boyer, an employee of Power Corporation, who has a long association with the Foundation. “I am proud of the fact that I have been able to make a personal contribution to the Foundation of Stars as a volunteer, and I am gratified that Power also recognizes the work of the Foundation by providing financial support.”

“The Foundation of Stars’ support of leading pediatric researchers would not be possible without the contribution of partners like Power Corporation. Thanks to their support, the Foundation has initiated major projects to further research on childhood diseases,” says Katharina Bourgin, Head of Communications of the Foundation of Stars.

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