• The Maxi Orchestre Concert pour l’avenir, May 2014 Edition. Photo: David Nguyen
  • Concert pour l’avenir, May 2014 Edition. Professional artists who participated : Mr. Daniel Clarke-Bouchard (pianist), Mr. Dominique Beauséjour-Ostiguy (cellist), Mrs. Marianne Patenaude (pianist), Mrs. Valérie Milot (harpist), Mrs. Nathalie Choquette (Soprano) Photo: David Nguyen
  • Guitar ensemble from Curé-Antoine Labelle school (Grades 4 and 5), directed by Benoit Massicotte, classical guitar teacher. Concert held in December 2010.
  • Students from Des Cèdres School and their Music Specialist Teacher, Frédéric Brunel, during their performance at the 30th Anniversary of Cirque du Soleil.


In 2012, the Fondation Droit au talent was founded to keep the CSDL musical program and to maintain its quality

800 students participate in the CSDL musical program

The musicians in the Maxi Orchestre are aged between 10 and 14

800 persons attended and 150 students participated in the 2014 Benefit Concert

Fondation Droit au talent - Concert Pour l’Avenir


Keeping the music alive

When government funding shortages at the Commission scolaire de Laval (CSDL) on the north shore of Montréal threatened cancellation of music arts programs for students, a group of concerned parents joined forces to reverse the trend. For the past two years, the Fondation Droit au talent, composed of volunteer parents, has organized the annual Concert Pour l’Avenir, a major fundraising event held in co-operation with the city of Laval, the CSDL, and the Laval Symphony Orchestra.

“The ability of our children to participate in musical programs from primary level is something of great importance,” says Annie Galarneau, a member of the Board of the Fondation, who is also responsible for the fundraising. “Many of these children have significant talent and because this is the public school system, parents are often not financially able to pay for private lessons. So funding from the Fondation is critical to ensure the quality of the program is maintained.”

The musical programs offered within the CSDL are known for the excellence they bring out in their students. Many educators maintain that exposure to music helps students in other disciplines, such as mathematics, and most certainly introduces a measure of personal discipline which can translate into success later in their lives.

An Award-Winning Performance

One of the musical groups enabled by the program is the Maxi Orchestre, which is composed of 80 to 130 students from grade 5 through 9. The orchestra performed in early May, 2014 at the Festival of Music in Philadelphia, Pa., winning three awards at the event and scoring an average of 97.7 per cent in the competition. The young cellists, violinists, violists and bassists performed pieces by Arturo Marquez, Anton Lee and Québec composer André Gagnon.

Other musical ensembles have been created under the CSDL program including a guitar ensemble, a string orchestra and a symphony orchestra, at Curé-Antoine-Labelle school.

“Support from companies such as Power Corporation is so important because they understand the value of music in the lives of our children,” says Galarneau. “Power’s support is a direct validation of the quality of the CSDL’s music program.”

“Power Corporation was pleased to be a sponsor of the benefit concert,” says Marie‑Hélène Fox, Director of the Donations Committee at Power Corporation. “The success achieved by the Fondation Droit au talent once again demonstrates that music can serve as the magic elixir that gives youth greater confidence and a sense of accomplishment, and helps them live involved and productive lives.”

Organizations making a difference

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