• Youth gathering during the back-to-school party of Toujours ensemble. Photo: Toujours ensemble
  • Toujours ensemble outing at Village vacances Valcartier. Photo: Toujours ensemble
  • Art mentorship workshop at the Passeport pour ma réussite program. Photo: Toujours ensemble
  • Bicycle repair mentorship workshop at the Passeport pour ma réussite program. Photo: Toujours ensemble
  • Atelier de mentorat de réparation de vélo du programme Passeport pour ma réussite. Photo : Toujours ensemble
  • YMCA youth exchange program. Group of young people from the Toujours ensemble Passeport pour ma réussite program in Vancouver. Photo: Toujours ensemble
  • Studies in the tutoring room for the youth of the Passeport pour ma réussite program. Photo: Toujours ensemble
  • Reading period for the youth of the Sac à dos program at École Lévis-Sauvé. Photo: Toujours ensemble


Toujours ensemble reaches close to a 1,000 people and gives out some 235 Christmas baskets every year

274 elementary and high school students participate in the Parcours program

24% of Toujours ensemble members were born outside of Canada, coming from 39 different countries

Close to 600 young people regularly attend afternoon activities annually

Toujours ensemble

Community Development

Unique Community Program Helps Youth Connect, Develop and Excel

Toujours ensemble was founded in 1979 and has been operating within the Montréal borough of Verdun since 1986. Since its inception, it is a meeting place for those with often few other resources at their disposal, a place where meals are provided, where educational assistance is given and the true heart of a caring community is found.

Through a variety of specialized programs Toujours ensemble provides a structured and supportive environment for children from low-income families, giving them the opportunity to make important connections and develop a sense of belonging and well-being. The organization continues to adapt its programs to meet the needs of its ever-changing community. Toujours ensemble works specifically within Verdun’s Wellington-De L’Église sector whose residents experience a high degree of social, academic, family and cultural challenges.

Programs Designed to Meet Community Needs

Toujours ensemble runs a number of programs for youth in the community including the Parcours program where members can attend a summer camp, get homework assistance or take part in recreational activities. For homework assistance, for example, students have access to 10 computers and a library with 2,100 books and references located in Toujours ensemble’s facility. For about 60 primary students at two schools with a high level of poverty, Toujours ensemble provides healthy, balanced lunches for a nominal fee.

Working with Pathways to Education Canada, Verdun schools and local families, Toujours ensemble offers the Passeport pour ma réussite program which supports students entering high school earn their high school diploma or vocational certificate. Through the program, students are provided with mentors and academic, social and financial support. The success rate has been remarkable with 94 per cent of graduates in the Passeport pour ma réussite program continuing their studies beyond high school.

From October to June, the Sac à dos program provides primary students with two specialized activities per week taking place from 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The activities include academic support, reading workshops, recreational and educational workshops, and family activities.

“The approach taken by Toujours ensemble has been quite pragmatic since its inception in 1979,” says Luc Reny, Vice-President of Power Corporation. “When a need arises in the community, Toujours ensemble finds an effective way to address it. With more than a hundred volunteers, Toujours ensemble is a true grassroots organization.”

“With the support of the community and partners like Power Corporation, Toujours ensemble is proud to accompany Verdun’s youth to reach their full potential. Seeing these young people thrive, grow and achieve their goals, slowly but surely, is one of the greatest gifts that our work here can offer us,” says Bineta Ba, Executive Director of Toujours ensemble.

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