La Maison Monbourquette

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  • General Roméo Dallaire, Mrs. Lisette Jean, Mr. Gérard Veilleux, Mr. Claude Paquin and Mrs. Sophie Chartrand, on the occasion of the 8th Golf tournament of the Foundation in June 2017.

    Photo: Maison Monbourquette

  • Mrs. Dominique Bertrand, spokeperson and volunteer.

    Photo: Maison Monbourquette

  • Jean Monbourquette

    Photo: Maison Monbourquette


Founded in 2004, la Maison Monbourquette has an annual budget of $600,000

4,800 hours volunteered by some 60 individuals in 2016-2017

2,048 calls received by the help line; approximately 1 600 individual/family meetings and 100 group meetings organized during the period, and 30,000 counselling interventions with the bereaved since 2004

Bringing Comfort to the Bereaved

La Maison Monbourquette is a beacon of hope and healing for those dealing with the death of a loved one. It offers a wide variety of support services to those in bereavement seeking comfort and solace, as well as ways to better cope with their grief and again find meaning in their lives.

La Maison Monbourquette was founded in 2004 by Lisette Jean in honour of Jean Monbourquette, highly regarded internationally for his work in the field of human relations, especially in the area of bereavement. Born in Iberville, Québec, in 1933, Monbourquette was a priest and psychologist who wrote numerous books and academic papers. Translated into 12 languages, his books have been read by millions of people around the world. He died in 2011 in Ottawa.

A Wide Range of Free Services

La Maison Monbourquette has a toll-free help line (1 888 LE DEUIL [533-3845]) that provides assistance to the bereaved anywhere in Québec throughout the year. It also offers individual and family meetings, support groups and music therapy services at no charge. In addition, the organization has developed activities designed especially for young children, teenagers and men who are experiencing bereavement. In all these ways, la Maison Monbourquette has created a variety of tools and services intended to support those who have lost a loved one. Indeed, since its founding, the organization has conducted over 30,000 counselling interventions with bereaved individuals.

Moreover, since 2010 la Maison Monbourquette has offered specialized training on bereavement to professionals and others wishing to bring comfort to their communities. The CFM (the Monbourquette Training Centre) is on the go throughout Québec training those involved in various organizations and the health and social services network, professionals, students and volunteers who work with bereaved individuals. Recently, the CFM added a seminar for managers — “How to Support A Bereaved Employee” — to its range of services. These training programs are a source of income for la Maison Monbourquette. A large part of its financing comes from donations it receives from individuals, corporations and other institutions.

As Gérard Veilleux, Vice-President, Power Corporation International and a volunteer with the organization, points out, “Grief is universal: during the course of a lifetime, no one escapes the trauma of losing a loved one. La Maison Monbourquette has stepped in to provide bereaved individuals with a special space for talking about their grief and becoming equipped to cope with their loss, so that they can regain stability in their everyday lives. Supporting the mission of la Maison Monbourquette means contributing to easing the pain of bereaved individuals, and helping them accept the unacceptable.”

“The generous support we receive from Power Corporation has been absolutely essential to the development of la Maison Monbourquette, and we are extremely grateful for it,” declares Lisette Jean, founder of la Maison Monbourquette.

The generous support we receive from Power Corporation has been absolutely essential to the development of la Maison Monbourquette, and we are extremely grateful for it.
Lisette Jean
Founder of la Maison Monbourquette


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