• Obi Juwah, from Mackenzie Investments, enjoys the practical, hands-on learning that Junior Achievement provides students. “As a volunteer, I like seeing the lightbulb on when students connect their own experiences to the financial literacy exercises.”
  • Junior Achievement Learning Programs are designed for youth in elementary, middle and high school.
  • Engaging students with technology by introducing expert-led interactive platforms in the classroom.
  • Making learning FUN! through the use of sophisticated gaming technology.
  • Rounding out the student experience with world class volunteerism from the local corporate community.
  • JA’s Company Program builds an in depth experience for those who choose to start their own ventures.


4 million youth participated in Junior Achievement since its inception

14,500 business volunteers at Junior Achievement in 2013

Over 1.5 million hours of instructional time given in 2013

Over 400 communities in Canada are served by Junior Achievement Programs

Junior Achievement of Canada

Community Development

Preparing Youth for the World of Business

Junior Achievement of Canada, along with its 15 charter offices across the country, has dedicated itself to building bridges between youth and the business community. Since its inception almost 60 years ago, Junior Achievement has touched the lives of some four million Canadian youth who have passed through the program. Power Corporation has been a proud supporter of Junior Achievement for over 30 years.

Last year alone, more than 225,000 students in 400 communities across the country enrolled in Junior Achievement programs taking in over 1.5 million hours of instructional time given by some 14,500 dedicated volunteers. Junior Achievement programs focus on three pillars:

Work Readiness

Junior Achievement graduates attribute their experience with the organization as having a significant impact on their desire to stay in school and pursue post-secondary education. They say it also helped them get a job. Once in the job, they have accelerated career tracks because they are better prepared for the workforce.


Research has also shown that Junior Achievement produces graduates who are more likely to become entrepreneurs, create jobs and power the economy. Many graduates say the Junior Achievement experience was the catalyst that gave them the ambition to start their own companies and contributed to their business success.

Financial Literacy

Graduates of Junior Achievement’s financial literacy programs save more and borrow less in adulthood. They are also more financially responsible, using their financial skills to budget, make long-term financial plans, invest, and prepare for retirement.

“The priorities of Junior Achievement fit perfectly with our own corporate values, given that many of our investments are in the financial services sector,” says Paul Desmarais, Jr., Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Power Corporation. “We have long been advocates of financial literacy and we believe Junior Achievement’s focus on youth is helping improve the financial literacy of future generations.”

In early 2014, Junior Achievement of Manitoba announced that Jim Burns, former Deputy Chairman and current Director Emeritus of Power Corporation, would be inducted into the Junior Achievement Manitoba Business Hall of Fame. The induction will be made in May at a gala dinner, which is itself an important fundraising event for Junior Achievement.

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