• Enactus World Cup 2016 Champion, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Project SucSeed. Photo: Enactus
  • 2016 Enactus Canada National Champion, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Project SucSeed. Photo: Enactus Canada
  • Annually, the Enactus Canada National Exposition brings together student, academic and industry leaders. Photo: Enactus Canada
  • During the three day event, students showcase how their community outreach projects and business ventures are enabling progress through entrepreneurial action. Photo: Enactus Canada


In the 2015-2016 academic year, Enactus Canada engaged
2,734 students
and 131 faculty advisors
on 64 campuses

280 community development
projects were implemented,
which started 672 new businesses
and employed 1,113 people

33,176 were positively impacted by Enactus Canada efforts last year alone.

Using the Power of Entrepreneurial Action for Social Good

Enactus Canada is a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and create a better, more sustainable world. The organization provides platforms for teams of outstanding university and college students, allowing them to create community development programs that put people’s own ingenuity and talents at the center of improving their lives.

Enactus Canada believes that as in business, competition is a positive force that encourages creativity and rewards results. Competitions for the best Enactus project are held at regional, national and international levels. In May 2016, the Enactus team from Memorial University of Newfoundland was named the 2016 Enactus National Champion. The Enactus Memorial team represented Canada at the Enactus World Cup in October 2016 in Toronto and was named 2016 Enactus World Champion right here at home. The flagship project from the Enactus Memorial team, “Project SucSeed”, is a sustainable solution created in response to an issue that Northern Canadians have faced for generations: food insecurity.

With the help of engineers and expert botanists, Enactus Memorial created a low-cost hydroponic unit enabling people to grow fresh produce in the comfort of their homes. Compared to traditional agriculture, their system uses 90% less water, provides a 75% higher yield and grows produce twice as fast. The team also partnered with a local charity to provide vulnerable youth with jobs building the units.

Enactus Memorial has sold the hydroponic units to individuals coast to coast. Their units are now in soup kitchens, five retirement homes and in 60 schools with expansion plans already in motion.

Empowering people to be the Masters of their own success

There is a common thread for the dozens of Enactus programs across the country. They are all guided by educators and supported by the business community who encourage the Enactus volunteers to seek the sort of entrepreneurial approach that empowers people to be masters of their own success. While benefitting the communities they serve, the students gain the skills they require to succeed after graduation.

To-date, Enactus Memorial has launched 12 cooperatives in Northern communities, employing 63 individuals as hydroponic farmers. In the North, systems are provided at a subsidized rate and supported by a micro-loan program.

“This brand of social entrepreneurship is something we applaud and support at Power Corporation,” says Edward Johnson, Vice-President of Power Corporation International. “The impact these young men and women are having through Enactus is quite profound. At the same time they are developing as compassionate, inspiring leaders.” Power has been a supporter of Enactus Canada since 2013.

“Enactus is important because the projects created by Enactus students create benefits for communities around the world and tackle challenges that are often overlooked,” says Emily Bland, President of Enactus Memorial. “Enactus incubates innovative leaders, brings together the brightest students and allows them to gain confidence that what they do in the world matters.”

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