• Recreation of the Whydah ship, Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah Exhibition.  Photo: Premier Exhibitions
  • Rescued bell from the Whydah ship, Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah Exhibition. Photo: Premier Exhibitions
  • Pesed, the star attraction of Wrapped, the Mummy of Pesed Exhibition.  Photo: Hans Thater for The Manitoba Museum
  • The Manitoba Museum Planetarium featuring the advanced Digistar 5 digital projection system. Photo: Hans Thater for The Manitoba Museum
  • The Nonsuch ketch, an historically accurate replica of the first ship to arrive to the Hudson Bay in 1668. Photo credit: The Manitoba Museum


In 1970, The Manitoba Museum opened in celebration of Manitoba’s 100th anniversary

2.9 million artifacts and specimens are housed at the museum

350,000 visitors to the Manitoba Museum annually including over 90,000 students for curriculum-based programs, for an economic impact of $13.7 million annually

In 2013, 307 individual Museum volunteers contributed in excess of 17,243 hours

The Manitoba Museum

Arts and Culture

Some things never get old

The Manitoba Museum is a cultural jewel set in the heart of the province’s capital city, Winnipeg. Originally called the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, the museum was opened in 1965 and is the province’s largest, not-for-profit heritage and science centre. The museum is renowned for its vivid portrayal of Manitoba’s rich and colourful history, Planetarium shows, and Science Gallery exhibits.

As the central repository of Manitoba’s rich cultural and natural heritage, the Museum holds in trust more than 2.9 million artifacts and specimens. The museum’s nine interpretive galleries explore the interrelationship of people and their environment, as visitors travel through millions of years across Manitoba’s vast and varied landscape. Also in the Museum Galleries is a replica of the sailing ship, Nonsuch, whose original voyage in the 17th century led to the creation of the legendary Hudson’s Bay Company in 1670.

In October 2012, the Planetarium became the first in Canada to offer visitors the Digistar © 5 All-Dome digital projection technology, and remains a leader in astronomy and science education. In the Museum’s Science Gallery, visitors can choose from 100 hands-on exhibits exploring the worlds of science and technology.

Education is a large part of the Museum’s mandate and it runs a number of specialized school programs for children of all ages for over 90,000 students annually.

“The Museum is one of the most important cultural institutions in the province,” says Emőke Szathmáry, a Winnipegger and a Director of Power Corporation, Power Financial and Great-West Lifeco, and former member of The Manitoba Museum Board of Governors. “Support from companies such as Power has allowed us to build and maintain one of the leading museums in the country. The city and the province are much richer because of The Manitoba Museum.”

The Museum’s history with Power Corporation is long and valued. Over the past 44 years, the Museum has received support from Power Corporation and its group companies, Great-West Life and Investors Group. This valued partnership continues with sponsorship of Alloway World Exhibits, and Education and MuZZZeum Sleepover programs.

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